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Talkin’ ‘Bout Him

1. For Once in My Life
2.There But for the Grace of God Go I
3. Wish I Could’ve Been There
4. Against the Tree
5. The World Can’t Tell Us Apart
6. If Not for the Love of Christ
7. Not Across the River Yet
8. In the Palm of His Hand
9. There He Is
10. The Savior I Sing of Today


River of Life

1. Startin’ All Over Again
2. Cost of Living
3. His Grace is Still Amazing
4. Show Me the Way to Go
5. Cover to Cover
6. It Ain’t Over
7. Time has Made a Change
8. It Took a Man Like That
9. Don’t Put Off until Tomorrow
10. Sure as the Sun


Timeless Treasures

1. One More River
2. I Feel Like Traveling On
3. Beyond the Sunset
4. When the Roll is Called Up Yonder
5. Child of the King
6. Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand
7. He Set Me Free
8. Sweet Beulah Land
9. That Glad Reunion Day
10. Amazing Grace

Miracle of Choices

1. Who Prayed for Me
2. Baptism of Jesse Taylor
3. Choices
4. Come on Down to the Farm
5.I Talked to Someone About You Yesterday
6. Don’t Drive Another Nail
7. Telling the Old Story
8. Tougher than Nails
9. I Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now
10. Wine into Water

Portrait of a Song

1. Running Back to Jesus
2. My Mind’s Made Up
3. Special Praying Place
4. Old Time Religion
5. Time After Time
6. I Don’t Wanna Leave Like I Came
7. The Artist
8. Let it Rain
9. To be Like Children
10. I Will Survive


Still Goin’ On

1. Welcome to The House of The Lord
2. Broken Vessels
3. I Give You My Life
4. I’m Headed for Heaven
5. Tell Everyone You Know
6. He’s Worthy
7. I Bring Your Greetings
8. Then Sings My Soul
9. Jesus Never Fails
10. That Name
11. Peace Within


Singing Favorites

1. He’s Coming Back
2. I Will Talk to The Father
3. Joy in My Heart
4. When He Was on The Cross
5. Old Ship of Zion
6. Goin’ in Style
7. The Party’s Over
8. He Can
9. Called Out
10. The Judgement


…Dedicated, …Determined

1. Gonna Praise His Name
2. I’m Going Home
3. Landmark Called Calvary
4. That’s Good Enough for Me
5. Ninety & Nine
6. Come Down Out of the Boat
7. Sitting At Jesus’ Feet
8. Your Sins Never Happened
9. Press On
10. His Name Says It All


He’s Worthy DVD

1. He’s Worthy
2. Then Sings My Soul
3. I Don’t Wanna Leave Like I Came
4. Who am I, He Came to Me, Oh What a Savior
5. Ain’t That Something
6. Running Back to Jesus
7. I Shall Not be Moved
8. Time After Time
9. I’ve Been There
10. I’m Headed for Heaven
11. He’s Worthy (Reprise)


Portrait Of A Song DVD

1. At Home Feeling
2. I Will Survive
3. To Be Like Children
4. Running Back to Jesus
5. Deliverance Time
6. Special Praying Place
7. Let It Rain
8. The Greatest Love Story
9. Old Time Religion
10. The Artist
11. Heaven’s Hall Of Fame


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